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Healing Meadow



Experience the tranquil setting of The Healing Meadow. A place to stop, relax & enjoy a variety of treatments including Ayurvedic massage, deep tissue massage, Craniosacral therapy , oesteopathy, reflexology , fascial massage, magnet therapy, vortex therapy & acupressure

Layback with friends & rest in a giant nest after your treatment whilst enjoying a smoothie from the organic juice bar

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Natalie Keegan

Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle hands on therapy which has its roots in osteopathy.It can be beneficial for almost any condition as it works with the bodies own inherent healing potential..
It involves listening to the natural cranial sacral rhythm in the body, a tidal fluid motion of the cerebral spinal fluid..allowing the body to release places of contraction,emotional or physical holding patterns..returning the body to a more central balanced and healthier state of being ..deeply relaxing,and resourcing..
For pre-booking contact 07791158477



Lara has over 15 years experience in offering a wide range of massage styles.
Lara has a deeply therapeutic and nurturing touch that supports the body in unwinding and realigning. Her work is a blend of style tailored to your bodies needs, artfully combining deep tissue with a softer approach, helping clients achieve a state of relaxation.
Fully qualified in Swedish massage, Aromatherapy massage, Reflexology, Pregnancy massage.

To prebook your session contact lara.therapies@gmail.com

Ravi Parbhoo (BSc Hons)


Ravi qualified from the British School of Osteopathy with Honours in 1999. He has since completed post-graduate work in different modalities including cranial, visceral, functional and harmonic techniques, which he uses to enhance his general practice.

Over the last few years, Ravi’s work has evolved within the cranial field of osteopathic treatment. He tends to work with light touch, engaging more with the body’s deeper processes. The treatment provides a nurturing environment for the body to work with it’s own self-healing mechanisms. His work mainly uses the sacrum (lower spine) as the main point of contact from where he tunes in and helps facilitate the body’s fluid health and natural healing processes.

He enjoys treating a wide range of clients from sports people, children, babies and the elderly. He finds assessingand treating chronic, long-term cases particularly rewarding.

Book at raviishver@yahoo.com

Mariana Peron (M.Ost, ITEC)

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Mariana is 28 years old and was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has practiced Yoga as a main passionsince 2009, and from 2010 onward, she has graduated in various courses such as Fine Art and Massage.

Mariana qualified as an Ayurvedic Yoga Massagepractitioner in 2014 and since then, worked at her Yoga School, assisting her teachers on training courses, as well as providing volunteer work at various shamanic ceremonies over the years.

Ayurveda is the comprehensive Indian system of natural medicine. Mariana’s treatment combines Deep Tissue Massage with coordinated breath-work, including a tailored selection of more than 100 possible manual yoga stretches. All this combined becomes an Ayurvedictreatment, not just a simple massage. It helps to dissolvephysical and emotional blocks, eliminate toxins, enhance energy levels, promote correct posture and leaves the receiver with a profound sense of well-being.

Book at amariperon@gmail.com

Rory Lemon (M.Ost, ITEC)

Osteopath & Seated Acupressure Massage

Rory has worked professionally with massage and bodyworksince 2002 and he has made Seated Acupressure (Onsite) Massage a specialism.

Rory further qualified as an Osteopath in 2014 and his osteopathic approach involves techniques to maximise lymphatic drainage & improve fascial health, as well as encouraging patient independence. He also has a keen interest in dynamic self-management exercises & nutrition

Rory’s massages have taken influence from courses including Swedish, Indian Head, Seated Acupressure, TraditionalChinese Massage. This combined with the osteopathic reasoning makes for great massage techniques that leave the person feeling very relaxed, yet energised.

Seated Acupressure in the ergonomically designed chair is based on traditional oriental Anma/Shiatsu style massage and is especially ideal for computer/desk-related tension.

Osteopathic practice has very much helped Rory further his personal development in manual healthcare.

Booking at…


Tim Blair

Ayurvedic therapy treatments

Ayurveda – The Ancient Science of Life
Ayurveda is the ancient Indian holistic medical system, based on achieving physical and mental harmony with nature, which has been practised for more than 5000 years. Ayurveda means “science of life” (“Ayu” meaning life and “Veda” meaning science), and was first recorded in the Vedas the world’s oldest surviving literature.

Ayurvedic treatments involve establishing an individual’s constitution and the nature of any imbalance and then seeking to return the individuals body to a state of healthy balance. The treatments consist of the use of Specialist Ayurvedicmassages using herb-infused massage oils.
Book on: 07971 808 352
Or email: timmytejas@yahoo.co.uk

Adrianna APNT (Dip Cert) BCMA Reg. MRes BSc

Massage Therapist Practitioner & Bodywork Facilitator

Adrianna offers care and restoration using touch techniques to people who are seeking nourishment and invigoration. Through her therapies she aims to increase well-being in the world using heart opening experiences in safe environments assisting people to connect to their body and take control of their own healing journey. She is a grounded, calm, professional therapist, a free dancer and creatrix connected to the elements of the natural world.

Adrianna offers various treatments including invigorating Swedish Massage for a balanced body, subtle and powerful Myofascial Release for trauma discharge, gentle and effective Abdominal Massage for reproductory and digestive ailments, Indian Head Massage for pure relaxation and much needed Pregnancy Massage for supporting our beautiful mothers.



Koren Barnwell

Massage & Acupuncture

Deep Tissue Massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on chronically tense and contracted areas of the body such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore shoulders. Many of the same strokes are used as in Holistic Massage Therapy but the movement is slower and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain. Fingertips, knuckles, hands, elbows, and forearms may be used during the massage to stretch muscle fibres and break down adhesions. There is often some stiffness or discomfort after a Deep Tissue Massage but it should subside within a day or so.

Chinese Cupping can also be used with deep tissue massage to improve blood and energy flow to problem areas. By creating suction, Chinese Cupping Therapy has been found to affect the body up to four inches into the tissues. It can effectively help to loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue, activate the lymphatic system, drain excess fluids and toxins and clear colon blockages. Chinese Cupping may leave red or purplish marks or small blood dots on the skin. This is a normal reaction to cupping and will fade within few days. Deep tissue massage lasts 30 or 60 minutes.
Holistic/Swedish Massage is a deeply relaxing oil massage tailored to meet the needs of the individual, Holistic massage works to unwind knots and release areas of tension using an amalgamation of various techniques from Swedish, Thai and Chinese Massage. The magic of Holistic Massage is that it acts on the whole being, helping to restore a state of harmony within by working on physical, mental and emotional levels. It is a great way to de-stress whilst helping to ease many of our modern-day ailments. Treatment lasts 30 or 60 minutes

Pregnancy Massage is a gentle massage using nourishing, unscented oil to soothe away aches and pains. The massage can be carried out seated or lying with support from pillows. The client’s comfort is of utmost importance. Seated massage lasts 30 minutes. Couch massage lasts 30 or 60 minutes.

Indian head massage aims to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. Indian head massage is especially good for relieving the stress, tension or fatigue that causes insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis. Clients report that the experience is deeply calming and relaxing, leaving them feeling energised and revitalised. The client lies down for the the treatment with shoulders exposed. Oil is applied and a range of different movements used over the neck, shoulder and scalp areas. The massage is finished with a gentle face massage. Treatment lasts 30 minutes.

Acupuncture is used to relieve painful areas of the body or to treat ongoing chronic physical health problems & emotional issues. It is also a fabulous stress reliever. Treatment lasts 30 min for pain relief or 1 hour for emotional/chronic health problems.



Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is a traditional Indian massage therapy for healing and detoxifying the body, mind, and spirit. It promotes positive health, overcomes fatigue, strengthens the nervous system, nourishes bodily tissues, increaselongevity, normalizes sleep, instills flexibility and sturdiness as well as maintains good health in general. This Ayurvedic detox and stress therapy is performed with oil. A variety of Ayurvedic techniques are applied to work with the energy channels of your body in a synchronized manner to restore the vital energy, Prana, where it has been blocked. Through lymphatic stimulation, this massage initiates a deep healing within the cells. The areas included are: back, neck, shoulder, hands, palms, feet, legs, belly, and an Indian scalp and head oil massage (optional). This holistic treatment nourishes the body with healing touch by relaxing the mind body, and muscles, increasing blood circulation especially in nerve endings.

Vortex Healing

Vortex healing uses the transformational power of Divine energy and consciousness to impact both emotional issues and all aspects of the body’s energy system including the chakras, energy pathways, energy bodies and physical body. This healing provides a way to awaken you to your true essence and truth, guided by the Divine source of this lineage. The main aspects of vortex energy are to heal the body, transform emotional patterns and awaken us the True Self, which is what makes VortexHealing unique. By experiencing this holistic system of healing that channel divine light and consciousness, manifestations of healing and transformation can occur. The unique forms of divine vortex light allows divine presence to be bridge deeply into whomever is being treated allowing healing to occur on the physical and emotional levels as well as to release karmic issues held within us.

Contact phone +447450769081 and email address alejandria1105@hotmail.com

Geoff Greentree


Shiatsu uses the 5 Elements system of Traditional Chinese Medicine to stimulate, sedate and balance the energy pathways in the body, improving overall health and promoting well-being. Using thumb pressure, stretching and holding techniques has a deep effect on the healthy function of the organs, endocrine and musculoskeletal systems. Shiatsu is especially beneficial for neck and back problems, improving posture and balance.
Also good for insomnia, anxiety and stress related issues.
Shiatsu is given while fully clothed; loose comfortable clothing is recommended.
Geoff has been practising Shiatsu since 1989. He qualified as a practitioner with the British School of Shiatsu-Do, later teaching there in London and elsewhere in the UK, and internationally. Geoff believes in empowering his clients to make positive health choices in their lives, and encourages them in tailor-made dietary choices and exercises based on his knowledge of nutrition, stretches and breathing techniques.

Chi Nei Tsang is a deep abdominal massage therapy that increases blood and energy flow to the visceral organs and can be given both during a Shiatsu session or as a therapy in it’s own right. CNT is especially effective for digestive, reproductive and menstrual problems. Also good for lower back pain and very relaxing. Geoff qualified with Master Mantak Chia in 1992.

Please do not eat for 3 hours before a session with Geoff.

Geoff can be contacted at: geoffgreentree@yahoo.co.uk 


Biomagnetism & Mayan Massage

Mayan massage is a personal ritual made by natural herbs, sound frequencies movements and manipulation of muscles, tendons, ligaments, that connects your body with your memories and feelings.

It gives you an effect of relaxation and deep connection with your inner essence.This is a deep experience in all terms, physical manipulation is strong and gentle, it allows you to touch your soul.

Medical biomagnetism; Technique developed by the mexican Doctor Issac Goiz Duran in 1988, works finding unbalanced pH in specific organs of your body and kills bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites at the same time, that’s the reason why we correct back illness like migraines, eczema, blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, respiratory ,heart , liver and stomach illness, we can help with anxiety, depression, anorexia, drinking and eating disorders.

Medical biomagnetism is compatible with any other therapies like Reiki, Bach flowers, psychotherapy, alopathy, homeopathy.

Medical biomagnetism can’t be applied on somebody who has received chemotherapy or radiotherapy in the last year, nor recommendable as well on people with bypass.